Amazing comic book movies that aren’t Marvel or DC Comics

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Sin City

Publisher:  Dark Horse Comics

Sin City was unlike anything we’ve seen from a comic book movie. It wasn’t a brightly colored or fun romp at the movies. It was dark, gritty, and very noir only adding color two accentuate a moment or part of a person or the scene. Maybe that’s why people gravitated to it. Sin City had a style of movie that that has yet to be duplicated in the comic book movie world. One of the many creative things was having the lead characters narrate their story. It gave us a glimpse into what it sounds like when we read the comics. Sin City also told stories that are too grim for the MCU or the DCEU.

Sin City hit on topics like rape, corruption in the police for and the clergy. The first story starts with a beautiful monologue from Josh Hartnett’s character. He then killed the woman who he seemingly was flirting with. He ends it by saying, “I’ll cash her check in the morning.” This is how the movie starts and it keeps getting darker. It’s unfortunate that the sequel didn’t hold up to the original. I guess it’s to be expected when it took nine years to come out.