Riverdale Rewind: Cheryl’s top six scene-stealing moments

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3. The Cherry Arrow vs. The Black Hood

There are a lot of moments in Riverdale designed to make you go “What the…?” One such moment for Cheryl comes in the penultimate episode of season two when she casually becomes The CW’s newest superhero, who I like to refer to as the Cherry Arrow. (I’m fairly certain Cheryl would approve.)

Things are looking pretty bad for everyone’s favorite ginger when she inadvertently opens the door for an ax-wielding serial killer. However, Cheryl subsequently manages to jump out a second-story window without a problem, do a quick change that would make Broadway stars jealous, injure the Black Hood and send him running scared.

I wouldn’t say that Cheryl shows up the veteran heroes of the Arrowverse, except that’s exactly what I’m saying.  I know she won’t appear in the next crossover event, but I really think she could get them whipped into shape with a winning combination of top-notch archery skills and an unbeatable level of sass.