Riverdale Rewind: Cheryl’s top six scene-stealing moments

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2. Making it “official”

If this was not your favorite part of the season two finale, then you need to watch the finale again and do some soul-searching. In stark contrast to Cheryl’s climactically tragic moment in the season one finale, Cheryl’s climactic moment this time around was so joyful it was almost too good to be true.

Cheryl and Toni take their relationship to the next level when Cheryl becomes an “official” member of Toni’s family: the Southside Serpents, a group that Cheryl had previously hated. To be fair, multiple members were involved in covering up her brother’s murder, so her bias against them was not really unreasonable.

But love conquers all, and Cheryl and Toni’s love for one another is no exception. Cheryl now has a new family of her own, which is great since most of her biological family members are worse than terrible, except for Nana Rose, of course. (Petition for Nana to join the Serpents in season three?)

Furthermore, Cheryl in a bright red Serpent jacket is such a look. She wasn’t wrong. “Everything looks good on [her].”