Supergirl: 7 questions we have after the season 3 finale

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5. What’s next for James now that everyone knows he’s Guardian?

Throughout the second half of the season, James Olsen experienced a lot of inner conflict. Though he was always on hand to save people as Guardian and promote positivity through CatCo, he couldn’t help but feel like he wasn’t doing enough to “change things”. Thus, he looked to Supergirl and how everyone around him was inspired by her. And he eventually concluded that he would reveal his dual identity to the world.

While Kara helped him realize that he wasn’t quite ready to make that announcement, he knew that he would do it in the future. The time came in the finale when a hysterical woman tried to rescue her child from a burning building. In an attempt to reassure her, James unmasked and saved the child. And this kicked off a series of events in which he officially confirmed to reporters that he was indeed The Guardian.

So, now that all of National City knows he’s Guardian, we have to wonder if there will be any repercussions. While Supergirl is hailed as the city’s hero, Guardian was initially seen as nothing more than a violent vigilante. So could law enforcement seek to reprimand him for his crime-fighting? Moreover, Guardian likely made a lot of enemies throughout his crime-fighting career — so could James’s reveal endanger his life, or perhaps threaten his relationship with Lena?

One way or another, Season 4 of Supergirl is going to be a very different year for James Olsen. But as the character has been overlooked quite often, it’s great to see National City’s Guardian getting the spotlight he deserves.