X-Men: Actors who should and shouldn’t reprise their X-Men roles

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Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine from day one. His dedication to the character goes well beyond buying the comic books to understand the character’s personality. Jackman put himself on a strict workout regimen and diet to mold his body into the Wolverine we’ve seen in the movies. Not every performer has the discipline to do that for a few weeks. Hugh Jackman was doing it for years.

It seemed like every movie Jackman was looking more and more like the Wolverine we saw in the comics. The growl got better, his attitude got gruffier, and always had great chemistry with his co-stars. Even if the movie script wasn’t great (*Cough X-Men: The Last Stand Cough*) Jackman was still phenomenal.

Verdict: Keep him

Eventually Jackman is going to retire from Wolverine, but it’s too soon. He was one of the beloved actors from the franchise. Jackman survived six X-Men movies and three solo projects. He should be the first mutant to fight The Hulk or team-up with Captain America. Jackman is also such a superb actor that it would be a travesty to not see how he’d react to someone like Tony Stark and his snarky remarks. If only one person gets to return if the deal gets done, it should be Hugh Jackman.