Review: Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Webs and Arrows and Ants, Oh My! #1


Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Stinger are all in for an adventure that will teach them a valuable lesson. Check out our spoiler-filled review for Marvel Super Hero Adventures!

Marvel Super Hero Adventures is back with a lot of heroes. This time around, the story deals with the importance of listening to others and learning from them in the process.  In order to do this, we see Spider-Man and Hawkeye try to take down the Taskmaster. However, not everything goes as planned with our heroes having troubles trying to decide how to defeat the villain. Due to their inability to hear what the other has to say, the duo has a hard time working as a team. This almost makes them lose the battle, but fortunately, they leave their differences aside to save the day.

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It’s important to know that these comics are designed for a younger audience. Anyone expecting mind-blowing action and a huge twist is not going to enjoy it that much. But if you know what you are in for, you can have a lot of fun. With this in mind, we review a great issue that’ll make kids love Marvel heroes even more.

The art

All of the illustrations by Dario Brizuela are really awesome. I’ll admit the cartoonish style the series is going for its perfect for little kids. Even so, some drawings here are even better than the ones you can find in more mature comics (Spider-Man/Deadpool #32, I’m looking at you). The coloring by Chris Sotomayor is top-notch and seeing more expressive heroes surely makes things really fun.

The story

The cool thing about these comics is that they manage to tell the origin story of some characters in some way. As a result, if a kid doesn’t know who Hawkeye is, they can get to know all about her in this issue. (Yes, we are talking about the female Hawkeye.) Granted, not a lot of time is dedicated to this, but that’s fine. With other things going on in the story, it’s important to keep things moving forward, and that’s exactly what Jim McCann managed to do.

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The lesson

Like we mentioned earlier, the lesson this issue tries to teach is the importance to hear and learn from others. While this is great, it’s execution may contradict a little what the previous issue tried to teach.

Marvel Super Hero Adventures: The Spider-Doctor #1 was about being yourself no matter what. In order to teach this, the issue had Spider-Man and Dr. Strange try to use each other’s powers to stop Hela, only to fail in the process. It wasn’t until they stopped acting like the other and started being themselves that they managed to saved the day.

In this issue, however, when Spider-Man and Hawkeye try to defeat the Taskmaster their own way, they fail. It isn’t until they fight like the other that they stop the bad guy. (Spider-Man had to shoot a web arch, and Hawkeye had to take a more acrobatic approach to the fight.) These lessons are different, but the way they are taught is really similar and, unfortunately, really contradictory. As a result, they may lose some impact on the reader.

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In conclusion, Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Webs and Arrows and Ants, Oh My! #1 is a good comic book. Perhaps it wasn’t as good as The Spider-Doctor #1, but it’s a great entry in the series. The illustrations and colors are perfect, and it has a good story that can entertain both young and older readers alike.

B+. . Jim McCann, Dario Brizuela, Chris Sotomayor, VC’s Joe Caramagna, Jacob Chabot. . Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Webs and Arrows and Ants, Oh My! #1

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