Review: Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever (2018) #1


The Dora Milaje confront the exiled Nakia with Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1. Here’s our review of the issue.

The Dora Milaje are no longer tasked with just protecting King T’Challa. Now, they are the protectors of the nation as a whole. Occasionally, that means making their way to New York City (Brooklyn, specifically) to try and neutralize a threat.

Nakia was exiled from the Dora Milaje and now she’s causing trouble just to get T’Challa’s attention. She’s disappointed when Okoye is the one who shows up and flees. Okoye, Aneka and Ayo arrive shortly after Spider-Man confronts Nakia and we learn that she’s using Mimic-27, which is a powerful weapon. Nakia is also going by Malice now.

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This issue kicks off a three-part series for the Dora Milaje and early on in the issue we get a hint at where it’ll go next when Nakia says that next time she’ll make it storm. By the end of the issue, we know that she is going after Storm.

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Before we get to that moment, though, Spider-Man tags along with the Dora Milaje to the underwater A.I.M. location, where Nakia stole the Mimic-27 from. They run into Hydro Man while they’re on the ship and we get a look at some cool Wakandan technology. Spider-Man is more than happy to wait around for the authorities while Okoye, Ayo and Aneka go enjoy the sights.

Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1 is a fun team up between Spidey and the Dora Milaje, but Nakia seems like she can do some real damage to the city. Nnedi Okorafor and Alberto Alburquerque make a good writer/artist team. The characters are well-written and the art fits the story. You see this the most with Nakia since it is easy to tell how bad of shape she’s in. This was a nicely done crossover and I’ll be checking out the other issue.

B+. . Nnedi Okorafor, Alberto Alburquerque, Erick Arciniega. . Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever #1

The story continues in X-Men: Wakanda Forever #1, which is out on July 25. You can pick up this issue at your local comic book shop.