Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #4, power vs. responsibility


The Amazing Spider-Man #4 features a tale in which the side effects of Peter Parker and Spider-Man being separate are further revealed. Read on for our spoiler-filled review!

It’s issue four of this amazing web-slinger’s new series, and it looks like the ol’ Parker luck hasn’t disappeared yet. This comic continued the story of the Accelerator device separating Peter Parker and his Spider-Man persona. It also featured the return of a classic Spidey villain and what looks like the reappearance of a certain mystery foe introduced in the first issue of this series.

With great power…

Peter Parker is still getting used to not having Spider powers anymore. Meanwhile, Spider-Man (repeatedly showing his lack of responsibility) takes down multiple villains, but shows no concern about collateral damage. He also now does commercials, does interviews on TV, and runs HIS OWN UBER SERVICE!? Peter tried to stop him from this prideful spree, but Spider-Man just shakes off his words, even forgetting who Uncle Ben is.

Later, while once again visiting Doc Connors, Peter Parker discovers that the two mice, originally tested on by Doctor Connors, are dead. Connors explains that the Accelerator causes its victims to lose memories and eventually die. This explains why Spider-Man doesn’t remember Uncle Ben at all. To make matters worse, Mendel Strom (that classic villain we mentioned earlier), the creator of last issue’s Tri-Sentinel, is now apparently aided by the mysterious unknown villain who was first seen by Mysterio in issue one.

C+. . Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottely, Cliff Rathburn, Laura Martin. . The Amazing Spider-Man #4

Comes great responsibility!

I really enjoyed that the unknown baddie made another appearance in this issue, even if it was only his voice heard by Strom. Other than that, I liked seeing how Peter and Spider-Man differ from each other. Spider-Man has puns, quips, and a proud love of science, while Peter Parker has a sense of responsibility.

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The one thing I didn’t understand, though, was why Spidey kept Peter’s love of science. Didn’t Peter love science and was a pro at it before he was bitten? While this may not be the most thrilling issue, or may not have many side characters, it’s still good for an average Spider-Man story.