Five things you must do with Marvel’s Spider-Man on day one


As the wait for the PS4-exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man is finally over, Earth’s Mightiest Show runs us through five things that you have to do when you start the game to increase your Spidey experience.

Two years ago, Insomniac games released a first look at their PS4 exclusive game, Marvel’s Spider-Man. Now, at long last, you can finally play the game yourself, as it was officially released today! Recently, Earth’s Mightiest Show ran through their opinion on five things that you MUST do if you want to have a full wall-crawling, web-slinging, experience.


Their first point may be the most obvious one when it comes to having a great game: become Spider-Man. Now, this doesn’t mean put on a mask and costume and start spinning webs any size. It means really getting into the game, getting the feel that you are Spidey. You’ll play as him through the battles, drama, tragedy, comedy, and everything else that Peter Parker goes through. That can make this more than just another video game.

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Let’s Swing

Now, one of the things that many fans have complained about in past Spiderman games is the fact that Spider-Man can shoot a web anywhere, even the sky, and it still sticks. He’s basically swinging on air. There have been several games that have fixed that error, but, so far, reviews are saying that they are nothing compared to the web-swinging in Marvel’s Spider-Man. So, if the web-swinging is really as good as critics are saying (and I do believe and agree with them), why not just take some time to get the hang of and soak in the beauty of the swinging. Just swing for some time all through the city. For those that need action, this probably won’t be really enjoyable for you. However, that is where this next point comes in.

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Crime Fighter

Spider-Man needs his sense of responsibility and quips, but what would be the use if he didn’t have any crime to fight. Well, in this game, there is a lot of crime to fight. Whether it’s stopping a car chase, fighting street thugs, or taking on a side mission boss, there is always a crime of some sort to foil. Not only does this provide lots of action, but, I mean, Spider-Man has to fight crime, doesn’t he?

Collectibles Galore

There is always something to do in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and that does not exclude collectibles. Scattered all over the city are backpacks, each unlocking and upgrade or material to craft a new suit. As the show said, you definitely don’t want to miss out on those, especially with the long list of suits included in the game.

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Meet People

Even though it’s fun to just swing around and fight crime, it’s good to drop down and explore the ground/street-level once in a while. There’s no telling who you will meet, and you can take selfies with civilians, give high fives, chat with civilians, and more. It shows that even though he has powers, Spider-Man is still human too, and that might be the best thing about him.

So, what do you think? Are these five things essential to playing the game for the first time? Please let us know in the comments!