X-Men: Fox plans to gamble on Gambit but should they?

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Credit: Marvel Comics

Sinister and the Marauder  

Mr. Sinister’s fingerprints are all over the X-Men movie universe. Essex was teased in both Logan and X-Men: Apocalypse, and the name even appeared in Deadpool 2. And, of course, there’s no greater Sinister easter egg than Cable himself. So, there’s no doubt the immortal Sinister exists in the X-Men movie universe.  Still, we haven’t seen the world’s greatest geneticist appear on the big screen, yet. There’s arguably no greater opportunity than to have Sinister appear than in Gambit. 

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In the pages of Marvel comics, before he became Gambit of the X-Men,  Remy LeBeau shared a connection with Sinister. Remy was born into a family of thieves, the Thieves Guild. After killing a member of their rival, the Assassins Guild, he was banished from his home. He traveled the world as thief and became friends with a mutant named Scalphunter. When Remy’s powers became uncontrollable, Scalphunter introduced him to Sinister. Through surgical procedures, Sinister helped LeBeau control his powers. As payment, he was forced to work for Sinster. Remy would unwittingly go on to lead a team Sinister called the Marauders. This was a group of devout mutants who did Sinister’s bidding. The importance of including Sinister and the Maurders into Gambit’s film would lead to an epic event.