Review: The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #6, new problems


The Amazing Spider-Man #6 begins a new story arc in the life of our friendly neighborhood Peter Parker and it brings new problems. Read on for our spoiler-filled review.

In the last issue of The Amazing Spider-Man, not only did we see another glimpse of this run’s first main mystery villain, but also a tease that Kraven would be returning to the series. So, obviously, Spidey had to fight Kraven this issue, right? Wrong. Actually, the plot of this issue is much more different than you would think, and it focuses more on Peter Parker than Spider-Man.

The bar with no word given to you at birth

Taskmaster and the Black Ant, apparently working for Kraven, incapacitate the Vulture and take him to an unknown destination. Meanwhile, instead of stopping the crime, Peter is taking a well-earned break spending romantic time with his girlfriend, Mary Jane. Fred Myers, aka the villain Boomerang, constantly annoys him until, one day, Peter tells Fred about how he used to take pictures of Spider-Man and knows a lot about him.

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Boomerang then decides to take Peter to The Bar with No Name, a hangout for criminals, to participate in Spider-Man trivia night. Peter really gets into it, and ends up happily winning the entire game. But, unluckily for him, Fred steals his phone, uses it to call and fuss out the Kingpin, and then destroys it. More unfortunately for him, Kingpin then puts a bounty on Boomerang’s head, and Peter is last seen hanging out with Boomerang. It’s safe to say he’s in some trouble.

. The Amazing Spider-Man # 6. C. . Nick Spencer, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado, VC’s Joe Caramagna

The bar with obscure villains

The thing that I really liked about this issue was the number of villains included. There were tons of them, and a lot of them were lesser known baddies. This gives more people the opportunity to broaden their Spidey foe list. But, though I think it is a good change sometimes to have a story focused mostly on Peter, I feel like it would have been more interesting at the moment to have a balance between Peter and Spider-Man since we just had them merged back together (finally).

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I do think that Nick Spencer did a great job at handling a mostly Peter Parker story, but I would have liked a little more speed or action in the story. With that being said, it still wasn’t a terrible issue, and I am ready to see what happens in the next issue.