Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #7, Peter and Boomerang team-up!


Issue number 7 of The Amazing Spider-Man features a continuation of the previous story with a maybe-unimaginable duo. Keep reading for our spoiler-filled review.

Last issue of our wondrous web-slingers’ newest run ended with the entire Bar With No Name (filled with villains) turning against Peter Parker’s roommate, Boomerang. Peter was with him, so that means that they turned against him, too. What was the reason? Kingpin placed a bounty on Boomerang’s head! This comic concluded that fallout and also showed a certain roommate’s true colors shining through.

What goes around… comes around!

Peter and Boomerang spend the majority of the issue trying to escape the bar and the crazy, lesser-known villains. They fight their way through a lot of them, with Spidey (who stays in his Peter persona) using a stun gun and Boomerang using, well, boomerangs. At one point, Peter even cons the baddies with his power to “lie.” The pair eventually escapes, but not before Fred takes a wound for Peter.

Once outside Peter learns that Fred’s friends he hangs out with now are LMDs of his originals, who left him feeling like he wasn’t a good leader. Feeling pity and now realizing that he has good intentions, Peter decides to give him another chance and invites him to hang out with him and Hobie, his other roommate.

Meanwhile, the mysterious bug-controlling villain that keeps showing up insidiously visits Mayor Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. He tells him, having already made a deal with him before, that he can do whatever he wants with Boomerang, but he cannot harm Peter Parker at all. He then makes Kingpin kneel and reminds him who the true master is.

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What I did like about this issue was that I felt like it had a good message. Instead of just judging Fred and labeling him as a bad guy, Peter Parker decided to give him another chance because we all make mistakes. Also, I love the suspense that is being built up for this mystery villain. I feel like we learn more and more about him each issue, and I cannot wait until his identity is revealed. I still love the art in this run of ASM, and I hope it doesn’t drastically change any time soon. Problem-wise, though, I wish this issue had two things.

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B. . Nick Spencer, Humberto Ramos, Victor Olazaba, Edgar Delgado, VC’s Joe Caramagna. . The Amazing Spider-Man # 7

First, I wish the main plot took place over more than one location. When the story just happens in one area, like the Bar With No Name, it causes it to feel shorter to me. Second, I love the idea of Peter Parker getting more focus than Spider-Man sometime, but I’m still ready for him to suit up again as Spidey. This makes two issues in a row now, and I am hoping that they go back to a little Spidey next issue, especially since Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is supposed to focus more on Peter’s life. But, overall, it was still definitely worth a read.