Dark Avengers: Why they’re one of the best Avengers rosters

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

They Made Bullseye an Avenger

Some people should never be Avengers. For example, Cyclops because he doesn’t like the Avengers for never helping mutants, Punisher because their entire roster (except Wolverine and maybe Thor) hates him, and then there’s Bullseye. There isn’t any reason on the planet why that psychopath should be one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. He’s a villain who revels in murder and doesn’t even spend the money he gets to kill people.

Well, Norman Osborn made him an Avenger and dressed him up as Hawkeye. Here’s the best part, he made a better Hawkeye than Clint Barton.

Clint is great, but Bullseye is actually the best marksman in the Marvel Universe. Maybe in all of comics. Bullseye didn’t need trick arrows to take down his targets when he was an Avenger. He even got the drop on a powerful sorceress like Morgan le Fay.

Bullseye may not have been ideal, but he added a much-needed edge to the already hardcore roster. Plus, his teammates hated him, but they knew they needed him. Every team in a movie needs the character that can break the seriousness. Bullseye is that guy. He’s cynical, damn funny, and seeing him argue with Norman about random things would be priceless.