Review: The Amazing Spider-Man No. 9 brings back Black Cat


The Amazing Spider-Man No. 9 features more on the amazing return of Black Cat and a close-up on the Thieves Guild of New York. Keep reading for our spoiler-filled review.

Spider-Geddon is raging and Peter Parker is still dealing with the Thieves Guild of New York. Since he is facing the spider-eating Morlun in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, this makes me wonder when this issue takes place. Meanwhile, we see more of Black Cat’s return this issue, and she isn’t the only character that has a thrilling return.

Beware the Black Cat!

This issue picks up where the last one left off: Spider-Man is saved from a certain death by the Black Cat and then surprisingly clawed by her in the face. They have a small fight, but then Black Cat explains that she is on his side and doesn’t want to hurt him. She only slashed Spidey to get back at him for visiting her in a flirtatious way several weeks ago.

Peter realizes that it wasn’t him, but the Spider-Man half of him from when he and Peter Parker were separated. Felicia tells Peter that she knows who the Thieves Guild is and where their hideout is. So, Spider-Man agrees to go with her to their base. But, everything doesn’t end up going the way they planned it. They’re caught.

More from Spider-Man

Also, throughout the issue, Mary Jane meets up with another character we haven’t seen for a while, Carlie Cooper. She explains that she has been going to a place where she can let out all of the pressure of knowing that Peter is Spider-Man, and she encourages MJ to go as well.

Mary Jane reluctantly tries it out, only to find that it is run by her old friend and the Avengers’ old butler, Jarvis. Using a mixture of spells and technology, others identities are concealed and no hero’s alter ego is discovered. MJ then decides to give it a try.

Curiosity and Cats

I think this was a pretty good, solid issue. I loved the return of Carlie Cooper, and how Spidey and Felicia are working together again. It’s always interesting to see how easy and how hard it is for them to team-up. The subtle references to characters like Tony Stark and Dr. Strange we’re also really cool, especially after last issue’s many cameos. Nick Spencer wants us all to remember that Spidey lives in a city full of other heroes.

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On the downside, the Thieves Guild of New York aren’t really my favorite or ideal villains. They’re actually pretty boring, in my opinion. I feel like they are good for maybe an issue or even two, but it’s sort of a stall stretching them for three parts/issues. I’ll be ready for more on our mystery villain who hasn’t been seen in a while, but knowing Marvel, it probably won’t be too long before that happens.

Grade: B+