Review: Spider-Girls No. 2 focuses on the mutates


Spider-Girls No. 2 introduces a new problem for Anya, May and Annie and they’re interrupted before they can figure out a solution.

Spoilers ahead for Spider-Girls No. 2.

Jody Houser has a fun group of heroes to write about. Anya Corazon, May Parker and Annie May Parker all live on different worlds, but have some similar circumstances. No one ever expects to end up being a superhero, but these three women found themselves being just that at a young age. Houser has an understanding of that, which makes this mini-series a fun one to read.

In this issue, we meet Normie Osborn of Annie May’s Earth. While they go to meet him, we learn that May has her own history with the Normie on her Earth. With all of the heroes being on the younger side, it’s easy for them to connect with one another. Even though the mission is the priority, we learn a little about each of them. Although, Anya does kindly note that she’s not a Parker and she doesn’t have a story about Normie on her Earth.

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We get a look at a lot of spider mutates in all of their fuzzy glory. This Earth’s Normie also happens to have six arms and he turns into one of the mutates before the issue ends. This is a big problem since they went to him for help. The problems only pile up though as two Inheritors show up and want to feast.

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With the final issue remaining, I’m expecting a big ending based on the cliffhanger that Houser left us with in this issue. No one hero handles a problem the same way, so I’m looking forward to how this group manages. This has been my favorite of the tie-ins to Spider-Geddon so far because of the great group of ladies it features.

Grade: A-