Review: Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider No. 2 makes a compromise


Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider No. 2 shows Gwen compromising in order to make her way out of an unfamiliar world.

There are spoilers ahead for Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider No. 2.

While Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider No. 2 is technically a tie-in to Spider-Geddon, Gwen is stuck on another Earth and isn’t actually involved in anything that’s going down with the Inheritors. It is a little disappointing that she’s stuck in an unfamiliar place and unable to help. Thankfully, she’s given the opportunity to help this world’s Gwen Stacy.

It’s revealed that this Earth’s Gwen Stacy was fighting alongside Harry Osborn, who was this world’s Spider-Man until he died. In the accident, she wound up permanently taking on her Goblin persona, forgetting everyone she knew as Gwen Stacy. She chased Spider-Gwen in the first issue and while we don’t see her in the present time in this one, Spider-Gwen is off to find help find her.

The dynamics between Gwen and Peter and then Gwen and MJ once they meet are great. It’s as awkward as you’d expect when MJ meets someone who looks just like their Gwen, but isn’t their Gwen. Spider-Gwen quickly lets her know that and MJ fairly easily guesses that she’s from another dimension. It’s to the point and I like that since they don’t linger on it too long.

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Seanan McGuire is doing a nice job so far of taking over the Spider-Gwen story. She hasn’t picked up the Ghost-Spider moniker just yet, but we can see that building up in this issue as she makes mention of needing a new code name. It’s a little bit of a meta way of addressing something that we already know is going to happen based on the comic book’s title.

As far as the art goes, the work by Rosi Kämpe works well for this character. However, I do wish the colors popped a little more like they did in the previous Spider-Gwen series. The difference could be explained by Gwen not being on Earth-65, though, since each Earth has a different feel and tone to it. It’ll be interesting to see how the series looks when she finds her way back home.

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Overall, I’m just excited to have Gwen back with her own solo series. I’m looking forward to what comes after the events of Spider-Geddon since that is taking over a lot of the titles right now. With this story not feeling directly tied to that just yet, I am finding it a bit more enjoyable.

Grade: A-