Review: The Amazing Spider-Man No. 10 is full of fun


The Amazing Spider-Man No. 10 concludes the story of Black Cat’s return with action, emotion, and humor. Keep reading for our spoiler-filled review.

Peter Parker has had tons of love interests over the years. There’s been Gwen Stacy to Debra Whitman to his long-going Relationship with Mary Jane Watson. He never really had anyone like Black Cat. When the two of them were together, Spidey could be a little more carefree. He didn’t have to worry about protecting Felicia; she could take care of herself.

Together, they were an unstoppable duo! Now, their relationship didn’t endure, but it did last a while and that doesn’t mean they can’t team-up as friends every now and then. When we last saw our team, they had discovered the Thieves Guild of New York… and been massively outnumbered.

Cat Scratch Fever 2.0

Peter and Felicia talk to the leader of the guild and try to convince her to give up her criminal ways, but that conversation doesn’t end well. She orders her men to attack them, and then it’s an all-out henchmen battle against Spidey and Cat.

When all seems lost, Spider-Man comes up with the idea to use Ms. Marvel’s cellphone as a tracking device. Then, every hero in New York that something was stolen from heads for the base. Knowing this won’t end well for them, the Guild disappears, but the heroes arrive and manage to get their stuff back.

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Meanwhile, MJ’s first meeting in Jarvis’ superhero group goes smoothly, and she thanks him for his help. Later, Black Cat and Spider-Man sit on a rooftop and talk for a few minutes. She tells him that she sees him as a great friend, but doesn’t have feelings for him anymore but someone else. He tells her the same. But, Felicia asks him why she can’t remember his real identity, and he explains to her that the spell cast by Dr. Strange caused (almost) everyone to forget.

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She really just wants to know, and as a tear trickles down her cheek, Peter reveals his identity to her and they then share a hug. After telling MJ this, she tells Peter that she’s not mad or jealous at all. She understands friendship. What Peter doesn’t know isn’t that the mysterious bug villain has been watching him for a while. He’s furious that Peter has revealed his identity to someone else, but promises that he will see him very soon.


When I was about to read this story, to be honest, my expectations weren’t super high. I hadn’t really enjoyed the past two stories; I thought they were too rushed and not really needed. But, I thought this issue was amazing. It had a good mixture of everything: some of Spidey’s good ol’ humor and quips, action that satisfies but is not too much, and an emotional, inspiring ending.

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It was everything I love about a Spider-Man story, and it even had a pretty good cliffhanger. The characters really were portrayed well, and cameo-wise, we saw a few characters that weren’t in the last issue. This issue of The Amazing Spider-Man really lives up to its name. Keep up the good work Nick!

Grade: A+