Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ranking Phase Two Blu-rays and DVDs

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We’re taking a look at the home media sales for Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Phase Three is not done yet, but let us look at Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Who sold the most DVDs and Blu-rays? Lets retrace it and see who kills it the most.

Credit: Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures

6. Iron Man 3

DVD Sales – $25.3 million/1.1 million units
Blu-rays Sales – $57 million/1.5 million units
Total Sales – $82.3 million/2.6 million units

Starting the list is Iron Man 3, as it debuted #1 across the board. The Iron Man entry in Phase Two is hardly a stellar selling title. Across the entire Iron Man franchise, Iron Man 3 is the lowest seller. We see a 19% drop in sales from Iron Man to Iron Man 2. Sales drop 71% after Iron Man 2. This is a bit strange because Iron Man 3 is the biggest box office hit of the entire Iron Man franchise. On top of that, it is in the top five best box office performers in the MCU. Why is this the case?

First is that Iron Man 3 faced competition during its debut. It may be safe to say that by the time of Iron Man 3, the novelty was starting to wean. Everyone has to own Iron Man, and most people wants to own Iron Man 2, to recapture the feeling of the first film. Plus, people who did not respond well to The Mandarin or the spoiler of this character probably ducked out of purchasing the film on DVD and Blu-ray. DVD sales are of course low by 2013 and slowly but surely, digital sales are taking off.