Review: Spider-Girls No. 3, the mission and the scrolls


The final issue of Spider-Girls gets our heroes one step closer to figuring out how to defeat the Inheritors and keep their friends and family safe.

Anya, Mayday and Annie make a wonderful team and it’s sad that it has to come to an end for now. We’ll see how everything plays out in Spider-Geddon, but it’ll be interesting to see how each of these three characters are used in the future. Without Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, we don’t know when we’ll see Annie again.

Anya and Mayday haven’t really had quite as much of a chance to shine lately outside of this series. The last Spider-Girl series was back in 2010. Anya seems to mostly pop up during big events. Each of these characters at least had a chance to shine in this series.

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Annie might not be fully confident in her abilities yet, but Any and Mayday help her along the way. They are able to keep an eye on her while still giving her room to grow as a hero. Their job in this series was to find out information, but a couple Inheritors tried (and failed) to stop them.

By completing their mission, the Spider-Girls just might be able to help save everyone. Their role was a crucial one, but not the only piece needed to defeat the Inheritors again. I hope we see more of these characters soon and I would love to see Jody Houser continue writing within the Spider-Verse because she’s done a fantastic job.

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Each issue of this series served a purpose in the greater scheme of things. The story felt right for these characters. Anya was made to be a leader and we get a good taste of that here. This was a good final issue that let Annie work through some of her concerns about her abilities.

Grade: A