Review: Superior Spider-Man No. 1 goes to San Francisco


Otto Octavius returns with a solo series, Superior Spider-Man. Our review contains spoilers, so be sure to read the issue first.

Otto Octavius isn’t the most trustworthy guy around. After the events of Spider-Geddon, he’s in San Francisco under the name of Elliot Tolliver. Not only does he teach at Horizon University, but in an effort to redeem himself away from the clutter of heroes in New York, he’s the Superior Spider-Man when he isn’t teaching.

This first issue gives us the chance to catch up with Otto in a more personal way than we were able to in the big event. He seems like he’s changed, yet there’s no guarantee that he actually has. He loves his life of luxury and it’s clear that there are certain things he isn’t willing to give up.

Christos Gage, Mike Hawthorne, Wade von Grawbadger and Jordie Bellaire make up the creative team on this book with VC’s Clayton Cowles as the letterer. Gage is diving into the Spider-Verse lately in a big way. I’m fully expecting some interesting stories to come out of Superior Spider-Man. 

The art on the issue gives us glimpses of some of the classic looks of Otto. I always love Jordie Bellaire’s work, which puts a nice finishing touch on this issue. Overall, I’m looking forward to what comes next with the series because of how it looks and the story that it’s setting up.

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Aside from catching up with Otto, we get a look at Anna Maria, who is still upset with him. She catches on to his alias and outs him before the end of the issue. She’s understandably leery of why he’s in San Francisco now. However, when Terrax the Tamer shows up, she lets him go and we’re left with a cliffhanger of what Terrax really wants. The next issue should not only reveal his motivations, but will advance Otto and Anna’s story as tensions are likely to rise again.

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While this issue is set up for what’s to come, it gives a nice recap of how Otto found himself using an alias in a new city. It’s a decent jumping on point if anyone wants to see a different side of the character.

Grade: B+