Review: Spider-Geddon No. 5 concludes the big event


Spider-Geddon’s big finale gives us a look at how a large group of heroes can work together for the greater good and find a unique solution to their problem.

There are spoilers ahead for Spider-Geddon No. 5.

While Spider-Geddon took a while to get going, it paid off in the end. We were able to see a large variety of characters and Earth-616’s Peter Parker didn’t need to be the focus for this story to work out. He shows up in the end, but for the most part his story was contained to the Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man tie-in issues.

With Miles Morales and Otto Octavius being at the forefront of the story, it was an interesting dynamic to build up. Even though Otto is the Superior Spider-Man now, he’s still the one who caused the Inheritors to come back in the first place. The lack of trust was warranted, but he made good on everything in the end without having to slaughter the Inheritors.

For Miles, he took on the Captain Universe mantle and it was a stunning visual. He’s not a hero who you want to underestimate and we see why in this issue. He’ll do whatever needs to be done and won’t back down from a challenge.

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The downside to an event with this many characters is the fact that you can’t focus on all of them within the five issues. That’s why there were multiple mini-series added on to it, but if you didn’t read those, you might be a little lost on getting the complete story.

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The solution that Otto comes up with is a bit of a compromise, but it’s also one that makes sense. A clean slate is all that the Inheritors need to stop harassing the multiverse and the Spider-Totems. We’ll see if that’s something that will actually last.

While I still think the event was just serviceable overall, I did like this ending. It leaves a little mystery with Norman Osborn at the end, which will likely rear its head in 2019 as the stories continue in the Spider-Verse. We also didn’t see Morlun get the same treatment that his siblings did, so he could be back.

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However, I do think they can lay the Inheritors stories to rest for a bit since in recent years we’ve seen two big events involving them. In fact, I’d be okay with taking a break from big events in general, but I know Marvel already has some big plans for events in 2019. As long as we get more good stories from characters like Miles and Gwen, I’ll be satisfied.

Grade: B