Four DC animated films to look forward to in 2019


A look at the DC animated films to anticipate in 2019.

Some DC fans are probably upset we are only getting Shazam this year, as Wonder Woman ’84 was pushed back to 2020. Luckily, we are getting four DC animated films that will keep you busy. Hopefully they are all good to fill the void of Wonder Woman ’84.

Reign of The Supermen

Reign of The Supermen

First off is the sequel to last year’s The Death of Superman. This continues the original comic more closely, rather then 2008’s Superman: Doomsday. With Superman gone, four other heroes arise to the occasion – Superboy, The Eradicator, Steel and Cyborg-Superman. Keep in mind if you did not watch the previous movie, this story takes place in the DC Animated Movie Universe. The DC Animated Movie Universe follows a proto-New 52 setting.

Some interesting actors will be leading their voice, including Tony Todd reprising his role of Darkseid from the LEGO DC Comics Superheroes movies. Another one is Cameron Monaghan, who you may know better as Jerome from Gotham. Yes, for he will be voicing Superboy.

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This DC Animated is getting a limited release into theaters n January 13 as a double-feature with The Death of Superman. On January 15 you can get the movie digitally. If you prefer your physical media and can wait it out, on January 29 the DC Animated feature will come to Blu-ray and DVD.

Batman: Hush

No doubt people are stoked for this particular DC Animated release. Batman: Hush is a beloved DC classic from the collaboration of Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. In this story Batman sets out on an entire case that has him come into conflict with an onslaught of villains including The Joker, The Riddler, Ra’s al-Ghul and Poison Ivy who uses her toxic charm to control Superman. This is also the first appearance of the revived Jason Todd. Plus, Batman finally reveals himself to Catwoman!

There is little to no information on this movie… yet. A rumored cast list has leaked, which makes it appear this is set in the DC animated movie universe. Too early to say right now. There is no trailer or release date at all. It is even hard to say how faithful this will be to the source material. Can a roughly ninety minute DC Animated feature include all of these villains? We will just have to wait and see.

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

There seems to be a big thing of doing these versus features now. Recall the one DC Animated feature, Justice League vs. the Teen Titans or Batman vs. Robin. Apparently they are not looking to stop this method anytime soon. Nonetheless, this one makes a bit more sense. The Fatal Five is a group of villains. Technically though, they are more Legion of Super-Heroes villains, rather than Justice League villains.

Being a Justice League feature and baring the versus shtick it may be fair to say this is part of the DC Animated Movie Universe. No confirmation exists at this moment. However, it is certainly not a stretch. Still, this movie may be a bit jam-packed, for won’t they have to build up the Legion of Super-Heroes in order to tell this story. They have not been featured in this universe yet. Plus, even among DC fans this group of villains is not nearly as well know.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

Last time there was ever an animated Wonder Woman movie, was her self-titled 2009 film. Wait ten years and it looks like you get another one. No doubt that DC wants to capitalize on the DCEU film’s success as well. Nothing is known about the movie at this point. Some people are pondering if it is possibly a sequel to the 2009 movie. This sounds unlikely, given that was ten years ago. Do people still remember it?

There is the possibility this is something of an origin tale. With Wonder Woman’s New 52 origin being tied to the Gods, as the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. No premise exists at the moment. Along with this is no release date either or any info on who’s working on this DC animated movie.

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With the rumored, leaked voice cast for Batman: Hush, one cannot help but wonder if Wonder Woman: Bloodlines takes place outside of the DC Animated Movie Universe. The team has spoken before that they do wish to have oa ne-off film each year that does not take place in that setting. Last year was Batman: Gotham by Gaslight.