Will Marvel’s media formats have new status quo in 2019?


Is there a new status quo on the way for Marvel’s media formats?

It’s been no secret to fans that the status quo for Marvel Comics has been shifting across various media formats. Through the growing success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there have been a few, shocking changes in various Marvel media in order to make them more consistent with the MCU.

This allows newer fans to more easily acquaint themselves into various forms of Marvel’s media formats such as their animations, video games, and even extending into the comics themselves. However, the downside has been that an abundance of the material within these media formats are lukewarm in comparison to the MCU itself.

Blaring issues such as the altering the prominence and appearance of certain characters and teams within the comics, making most of the animated series content become based off the MCU, and removal of the X-Men from a game franchise that was started, in part, by them are just a few examples of how the MCU has changed the landscape of Marvel’s various other media formats.

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While none of these decisions have drastically hurt Marvel’s media, they have been deterrents toward the potential stories told, characters to be utilized and/or developed, and interactions that could have been seen in recent years.

However, this ambiguous time could be behind us soon. With the merger between the Disney and Fox companies expected to be finalized soon, the New Year may usher in a new age for Marvel fans in need of more classic storytelling. Fox has been in control of a few Marvel properties for quite some time and their acquisition by Disney will definitely help bolster the scale of possibilities for the 10-year-old film franchise. Due to this it’s more than likely to also bolster the landscapes and outlooks for each of the various media formats.

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As they seem to follow the trend of being based on or around the current state of the MCU. The Fantastic Four and The X-Men, two of Marvel’s more well-known properties that were under Fox, have already begun working toward coming out of obscurity within the comics and are being reworked to gain prominence once again. The tides are turning in 2019. Fans should expect to see new waves of stories and backgrounds crashing onto the various Marvel formats outside of the MCU.