Batman: The Long Halloween may be getting an animated film


Batman: The Long Halloween could be getting the animated film treatment.

You heard it right! Rumor has is that we are getting an animated adaptation of Batman: The Long Halloween. This is a beloved 13-issue comic arc by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale.

If you do not know, Batman: The Long Halloween follows Batman shortly after Batman: Year One. We have the Falcone “The Roman,” who is feuding with the Maroni crime family. Batman, Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent are teaming up to take down The Roman’s criminal empire. Simultaneously, disorganized crime is starting to fall as more dangerous, far more psychotic villains like The Joker and the other rogues are rising up. Believe it or not, Gotham follows a similar narrative from season one to season two.

In addition to this, there is a killer on the loose, who keeps murdering criminals on each holiday. We start on Halloween and follow through with Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Our story turns into a mystery, which Jeph Loeb has a passion for writing. We get the origin of the romance between Batman and Catwoman, along with the origin of Two-Face!

Word is this will be a two-part animated feature, not unlike The Dark Knight Returns. This is probably the best path in making sure The Long Halloween delivers and is not compromised. Believe it or not, a rumored cast list is also upon us.

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There is Troy Baker, who has portrayed the Joker in numerous projects. Another reported cast member is Jensen Ackles, who portrayed Jason Todd in Under The Red Hood. Finally, we have David Dastmalchian who is best known as the Joker’s thug in The Dark Knight, who Harvey Dent interrogates in the back of the ambulance. Yeah, that guy! Now, who is to say who these guys are even portraying. Being a two-parter, with rumored cast list, this appears to be a one-off feature. Hence, The Long Halloween is not part of the DC Animated Movie Universe.

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Remember this is all a rumor, no confirmation, no date, nothing. We will keep you posted, though!