Christina Hodson discusses her take on Batgirl


Birds of Prey scribe Christian Hodson discusses her Batgirl screenplay.

Christina Hodson is currently an up and coming name in Hollywood. She’s had a few films under her belt, but now, her Bumblebee script, which she wrote, is gaining much praise. Now, she discusses her current script – Batgirl.

Christina Hodson already delivered the Birds of Prey script, which enters production later this year. Now, she moves onto Batgirl. Luckily, to her, this is more than just a job and just delivering a script that a studio ordered. Christina Hodson actually puts her heart into and tries her best to identify with the character and does the character justice. This is not simply just a job for her. She also finds her self connecting with the characters on a personal level:

"“I’m in the middle of falling in love with her. I always feel differently at the beginning, middle, and end. Charlie feels like an old friend now, because that was a while ago and because she is so personally inspired. Harley just feels like my crazy alter ego. When I’m feeling nuts, that’s what Harley is. And Batgirl…honestly it’s funny, there’s a little piece of me in every character I write. They start with me, and then they take on a life of their own. She’s been through so many iterations. There’s certain characteristics of hers that are always there that I’m excited to develop further.”"

While Hodson wants to show reverence to the source material, she also hopes to put her own stamp on the character:

"“Whenever I’m writing a character who’s based on someone who’s existed in a previous form, whether it’s comics or a movie or anything, I always hope to bring something new to them and bring them to life in their own way, even if they fairly iconic like Harley Quinn or Batgirl. I think fans want the original, to be honest, but they also want to see something they haven’t seen before.”"

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No doubt there are numerous iterations of Batgirl. We have the original television series character of the sixties, portrayed by Yvonne Craig. Then there was Batman: The Animated Series, where she becomes Batgirl to help out her father. Later on, she becomes romantically interested with Batman himself. We have Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl, the less we say about that, the better. We have her in the comics originally trying to be part of the crew, only to get shoved out of the boys club in a sense.

She later becomes the Oracle after the Joker cripples her. In the New 52, she regains the use of her legs, creates her own crew, ala Batman Incorporated in a sense, after she moves to Burnside. We also have Batgirl become the reclusive member of the Birds of Prey, to more or less the head of the team. With all of this, who knows what Hodson may pull from Batgirl’s forty-year history.

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I dare say Christina Hodson needs to watch it when it comes to change. If fans had their way, Christopher Reeve would be alive forever and always portraying and influencing every incarnation of Superman. Many fans still cannot accept Jared Leto’s Joker. At other times change is welcomed, like the version of the Joker Heath Ledger gave audiences. Therefore, this can be quite a balancing act for Christina Hodson. Nonetheless, with the hype over Birds of Prey and the critical praise for Bumblebee, it appears people are starting to warm up to Ms. Hodson.