Kevin Feige wants to speak with Adam McKay about that Silver Surfer film


Adam McKay may get to direct his Silver Surfer movie after all.

Adam McKay has made it clear that he would like to direct a Silver Surfer film for Marvel, and someone has taken notice. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is aware of McKay’s interest, and he doesn’t seem to be opposed to the idea.

While speaking to MTV News at the Golden Globe Awards, Feige reiterated his admiration of McKay’s talents and stressed that the director is a true comic book fan. This is evidenced by a certain planet-eater’s cameo in McKay’s latest movie, Vice. The two don’t seem to have met about it yet, Feige looks forward to doing so:

"“I’ve not gotten a call yet, but I’ve seen Adam tonight and at a number of these awards, he is as everyone knows an incredibly smart guy he’s an honest to goodness fan and you know he did a lot of behind the scenes work on the first Ant-Man film and have you seen Vice? A little cameo, a little Galatcus cameo in there that we helped him get. So I look forward to speaking to him more.”"

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With the Fox/Disney deal near completion, it makes sense that Feige is now beginning to think about what can be done with the incoming Marvel characters. He recently even stated that the studio may be able to start developing those projects within the coming months. Silver Surfer is a character with massive potential, as he could appear in different franchises or headline his own in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

McKay’s prior work with Marvel already gave him a leg-up in landing Silver Surfer, but an endorsement from Kevin Feige could solidify things. With Ant-Man, McKay proved his knowledge and love of comic books. Taking on the Surfer Silver would allow him to continue to do so and dive deep into the cosmic side of the MCU.

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Like the cosmic side, a possible Silver Surfer movie is likely light years away, at this point, even if development starts this year. Nevertheless, Feige and McKay can start having conversations about the future. It’s honestly hard to say if anything will truly come from all of this, but anything is possible. And if it does happen, McKay could deliver something unique to this ever-expanding universe.