Comic book storylines we won’t see in Netflix’s Marvel shows

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

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Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter played one heck of a villain in season three of Daredevil. At first, all we saw was his skill as a marksman and his creepy nature. Once he put the Daredevil costume on, he transformed into the Bullseye we saw in the comics. He was confident, cynical, and deadly.

The first fight between Matt Murdock and Dex was one of the best fight scenes in any Marvel TV show. Maybe better than some of the movie action sequences. In the end, we see Dex have the bulls-eye in his eye while getting surgery to fix his back. It was exciting, but a major let down once Daredevil’s cancelation was announced.

Bullseye is one of Daredevil’s deadliest villains and everything that Matt Murdock strives to not become. With Dex having a bone to pick with Wilson Fisk paralyzing him and Daredevil for helping put him in jail, his comeback would have been phenomenal. It also would have been a great moment to see the iconic scene where Bullseye runs Elektra’s sais through her stomach and killed her. There’s also the moment when he killed Karen Page.