Comic book storylines we won’t see in Netflix’s Marvel shows

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

The death of Karen Page

Karen Page in Daredevil the show is much stronger than the Karen from the comic books. In the comics, Karen ended up succumbing to drugs. She needed a fix so much that she turned to pornography to buy heroin. She even sold the identity of Daredevil to get money to feed her addiction.

In the end, she got clean, but ended up dying to save Matt Murdock’s life when Bullseye tried to kill him with Daredevil’s own baton. She died in Matt’s arms in a church.

This was one of the worst moments in Daredevil comics. Maybe the saddest period. Karen Page went to Hell and clawed her way back to the top only to be killed by a psychopath. The drug addiction and contracting HIV may not have been the way to go in the series, but that’s a small detail that could switch to cancer or just selling Matt out to help a friend. A season ending with Karen Page dying could have been a tragic but memorable moment. It was only a matter of time before she died. Karen Page is to Daredevil as Gwen Stacy is to Spider-Man. The story can’t end with the two of them living happily ever after.

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