Iceman (2018) No. 5 review: Ice knowing you, Mister Sinister


In the final issue of Iceman (or is it?), Bobby Drake has to escape Mister Sinister’s grasp, while the mutants at the pride parade come under attack.

Iceman (2018) No. 5

Writer: Sina Grace

Artist: Nate Stockman

Colorist: Andres Mossa, Federico Blee

Letterer: Joe Sabino

Cover Artist: W. Scott Forbes

Iceman No, 5 cover (Credit: Marvel Comics)

When last we saw Bobby ‘Iceman’ Drake, he was being shattered into pieces by X-Men supervillain, Mister Sinister. Serves him right for running into a fight on his own, right? Wrong, of course! Bobby is way too smart for that, no matter how often he says otherwise in Iceman (2018) No. 5.

The final chapter in our favorite frosty superhero’s solo series comes to an epic end, with Iceman levelling up to showcase his true potential as an Omega-level mutant. But Iceman’s not the only mutant hero in town. At the mutant pride parade, Sinister has deployed an army of Purifiers as well as some ice-monsters. It’s all hands on deck for this fight!

While Bishop teams up with Madin and the Morlocks, who should come to the aid of innocent bystanders but Emma Frost? Iceman (2018) No. 5 has no dearth of surprises for readers.

As finales go, this is a satisfying one, where the hero is victorious and the villain gets his comeuppance. If you want a feel-good story, then Iceman (2018) No. 5 is right up your alley. Iceman is at his incorrigible best in this final issue, where he’s all action with a heavy side order of jokes. Which is exactly the way we like him. This series felt like it deserved to continue for much longer, but the over-arching X-Men upheaval is undoubtedly the reason it’s come to a quick end.

Is it really the end, however? Maybe for Iceman’s solo series, but hopefully not for Bobby himself. Having spent such an inordinate amount of time in the background, Bobby has become quite a captivating character over the past several years, not least because his personal struggles have made him relatable to so many readers.

Bobby Drake in Iceman No. 5 (Credit: Marvel Comics)

What is genuinely commendable in Sina Grace’s second Iceman run is that he made Bobby’s characterization about more than his new-found sexual orientation. There were nods to Bobby’s continued struggles with getting back in the dating game, but the predominant narrative was about Bobby becoming the best and most lethal version of Iceman he could be so as to protect the innocent. In five short issues, Iceman came across as kind, generous and courageous to a fault.

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All of which leads to the epic showdowns between several warring parties in this final installment. The people who rally around Iceman are the ones who were directly affected by his kindness. It’s a fabulous homage to a great supporting character.

Bobby’s powers have developed exponentially this entire series, and in Iceman (2018) No. 5 we see him display newer ones that surprise even him. How will Marvel take this aspect forward in the ongoing Uncanny X-Men arc? Bobby has been a bit player in that series, but his abilities are formidable. The denouement of this issue suggests there is more to Bobby’s story, which will continue in a separate Uncanny X-Men arc. How it all ties together will be worth waiting for.

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Iceman (2018) may have been brief, but it was almost always fun. Sina Grace’s writing of Bobby has been an absolute joy to behold, especially now that he and Bobby no longer hide behind a barrage of dad-jokes. It’s almost sad to see this series come to an end, especially since the previous Iceman run was prematurely cancelled in early 2018. Hopefully, the new year brings happy tidings for Bobby and the rest of the X-Men. Though, to be honest, when has that ever happened for these mutant heroes?