Uncanny X-Men No. 9 review: X-Men Disassembled Part 9


Can the X-Men defeat X-Man with the powers of two omega level mutants on top of his Horsemen?

Uncanny X-Men No. 9

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson, & Ed Brisson

Artist: Yildiray Cinar

Cover artist: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Roberto Poggi, & Matt Milla

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Previously, Uncanny X-Men No. 9, the X-Men had to fight a war on two fronts. First, Armor, Glob, Pixie, and Rockslide decided to kill X-Man in the Age of Apocalypse universe before to save their Earth. While the X-Men fought X-Man’s Horsemen on Earth Prime, they come to find out the young X-Men and X-Man were in Legion’s mind the entire time.

Once X-Man realized this Legion appears and attacks X-Man. Legion thinks he has the upper hand since X-Man is trapped in his mind.  He was wrong. The young X-Men are transported out of Legion’s mind with the X-Men to see a scary sight. X-Man has taken over Legion’s mind and now seems to have their combined powers. How are the X-Men going to fight a mutant with two omega level power sets?

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

X-Man is furious. The X-Men tried to kill him and now he’s out for revenge. The first thing he does is grab Jamie Madrox and hits him as hard as he can to create duplicates, but it doesn’t work. After hitting him a few times Madrox says that he’s a duplicate and that once Madrox Prime saw what was going on and hightailed it out of there. X-Man kills the duplicate and makes Storm his newest Horsewoman. As if Magneto wasn’t enough, now he has Storm.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

The X-Men are outgunned so Jean Grey plays a smart card; she telepathically summons all of the X-Men to join the fight. All they have to do is get there. Jean Grey planned on using Pixie to teleport the remaining X-Men to join the fight. Unfortunately, X-Man blocked Pixie’s powers. Armor approaches Jean and tells her she has a plan.

For the first time in this series, Jean listens and trusts her. Armor creates a giant wrecking ball with her armor and puts Glob and Rockslide in it with her. The plan is to keep X-Man’s Horsemen distracted long enough for X-Man to release his hold on PIxie and for her to teleport more fighters.

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Meanwhile, Beast is talking to Anole trying to figure out why he stole the vial from his lab. Anole said that he was giving other mutants an opportunity to not end up like him (I called that in my last review, by the way). Looking like, as he put it, “Monsters, Outcasts. Hunted. Feared. Alone.”

Beast gives Anole a disappointed look and tells him that he understands what Anole was trying to do. Beast has been dealing with all of that his entire adult life. He says that “You haven’t given mutants a choice, you’ve handed the government a weapon. I can only begin to imagine how they’ll use it against us. You wanted freedom but instead you’ve shackled us, my boy.”

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

While everyone is fighting, Senator Allen tries to escape. Apocalypse catches him and tries to kill him for what he was trying to do to mutant kind. Luckily, Kitty Pryde was there to phase the senator before Apocalypse could crush him. When Senator Allen asks why he saved him, Kitty Pryde reminds him that it’s what the X-Men do. That they’re heroes for everyone. Hopefully this will sway the senators’ views on mutants.

X-Man finally has enough and decides that he will destroy the world since the people on it don’t appreciate everything he did. When it seems that all hope was gone, Beast appears with more X-Men and says, “If you want to beat the X-Men…you have to beat all of the X-Men.”

Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

This issue was intense. It was like reading a classic story. The X-Men up against seemingly insurmountable odds, saving people who fear and hate them, and coming together for one last effort fight. This is what we’ve all wanted from the X-Men. The best part is this is only the beginning. What comes next should be even better than what we’ve already seen.

X-Marks the Spot

  • What happens next for Anole? Will he leave the team and get the “cure” or will he realize the error of his ways?
  • Will the Horsemen remain who they are? It’s not a big deal for Blob, Omega Red, and Magneto, but it would be a major blow if Storm remains as villain.
  • Do Earth’s Mightiest Mutants actually stand a chance against X-Man and his Horsemen? If so, how do they pull it off?
  • The writers have been leading to something big with Armor. Will she get her own team of young mutants to put on a team?

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Uncanny X-Men will return with another issue soon.