Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 1 review


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No.1 shows a new take on Spider-Man as a neighbor. Here’s our review of the story. Watch out for spoilers ahead!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 1 focuses on two stories. The first story begins with our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man doing his normal routine by saving people. The story shows Spidey being offered money, but Spidey rejects it, even when being in a money crisis, and tells the people to give the money to the poor. This shows that even when someone gives us money, we should truly not accept when we have enough but rather give to the poor to help them develop their lives.

Peter and Marnie in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1 (Credits: Marvel Comics)

The first story gives a moral lesson about always helping others when they are in need. Peter is shown helping as both himself (Peter Parker) and as Spider-Man, but sometimes it leads him into trouble like in this issue. The twist of the story occurs when Peter is asked by Marnie (his neighbor) to help a mysterious girl, who never comes out of her room.

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Whenever it comes to Spider-Man and a mystery (not in reference to Mysterio), there is always something that Peter gets caught up to. After getting a little friendly to Leilena (the mysterious girl) and getting her lunch for her, when he returns to her room, he meets a couple of men with Leilena. They ask who he is and punch him really hard (Hulk style).

The mystery further develops even after Leilena’s disappearance, and the story does not end there. There is a major surprise before the first story ends. The first story has a good start, and is worth reading. I would like to see where this story goes.

Peter and Mary Jane in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 1 (Credits: Marvel Comics)

The second story focuses on Peter’s loved ones, Mary Jane and Aunt May. This is where the story gets interesting. Peter takes Mary Jane on a swing, while both wear Spider-Man suits. They arrive at almost the top of Empire State Building and sit around the window and have a romantic dinner together (candle-light style). It truly is amazing.

Aunt May in Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 1 (Credits: Marvel Comics)

But the story focuses more on Aunt May, who acts suspicious in the issue for a reason. Ultimately, We find out that she’s sick. The story here has a huge turn because Peter loves Aunt May with all his heart and has even sacrificed his marriage with Mary Jane for her life. If you want, you can read “One More Day,” but it’s not fun if you ask me.

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Overall, the plot of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man has enough to carry its own comic book. Both of the stories in this issue are fulfilling and worth reading ,and I would like to see where the stories go next.

Score: 8.5/10