The Punisher season 2 trailer breakdown and why there’ll be a season 3

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Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix, The Punisher

Breaking down the Punisher season 2 trailer and why there will be a season 3.

Netflix’s The Punisher season 2 trailer has finally dropped a little over a week before the show premieres on Jan. 18. At the end of season 1, it looked like the Punisher had finally found peace. He avenged his family’s death and joined a support group to help him with the rage he had inside. We all knew that wasn’t going to last. The season 2 trailer immediately gets into the first domino that sends Frank Castle back on his path to becoming the Punisher again.

Frank helps save a young woman from getting beaten in a bar and does it in spectacular fashion using his trademark creative violence. Frank being as skeptical as he is asked who those guys were. When she says she doesn’t know he calls shenanigans. When she confesses that they killed everyone that she loved and asked if he knows how that feels, Frank flashed back to his family’s death.

The first thing that came to mind was a Punisher Max series called The Slavers. Punisher happened to be at the right place at the right time to save a woman who was a former sex slave. This was a very intense series and the perfect one to get Frank back in the saddle. There are crimes that get the Punisher angrier than normal. Sex crimes is number one on that list. If this is one of the storylines, it’s going to be a very intense season for the audience to watch. Hopefully it’ll be toned down a lot from the comic series.