Avengers: Blade is an unlikely teammate but he isn’t the first unexpected member

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics


Deadpool is one of the last people anyone would have expected to be an Avenger. He’s a foul-mouthed, jokes more than anyone and at inopportune times, and, like other people on this list, he has no problem killing. It also doesn’t help that almost everyone in the Marvel Universe hates him because he can be ridiculously annoying and unpredictable. His reputation has even gotten to the younger heroes like Miles Morales who hasn’t even been on this Earth that long. The funny thing is Deadpool is a lot smarter than he’s given credit for.

Deadpool once helped save the day by letting Kobik read his mind. While Miles thought this was a terrible idea, it worked. Deadpool understood what it’s like to be manipulated and Kobik felt the similarity within him. If not for Deadpool, who knows how much damage she would have caused.

Deadpool recently erased his happy memories. That means all of his happy moments like being friends with Captain America and Wolverine and having a family are long gone. Now that he’s back to the old Deadpool who doesn’t care about anything and doing mercenary work for a living, Deadpool will never be an Avenger again. It also doesn’t help that he killed Agent Coulson during Secret Empire.