Black Lightning season 2: Jennifer and Tobias reign supreme


Jennifer and Tobias have been two of the brightest spots in Black Lightning.

Black Lightning season 2 is a vast improvement from the already stellar show. The stories have remained intriguing, the emphasis on black and urban culture continues to be a focal point, and all of the characters continue to grow and change. Jefferson is adjusting to not being the principal of Freeland High School and also letting his daughters grow without him. Lynn is still reeling from killing someone in season one and the deaths she feels responsible for. She’s even started drinking more than normal. And Anissa is still trying to figure out what kind of hero she wants to be. A Robin Hood-type of hero or Thunder, alongside dad. But among the main characters, Tobias and Jennifer have shined the brightest all season.

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Jennifer’s growth

In season 1 of Black Lightning, Jennifer was bratty and extremely annoying. It makes sense, considering what she was going through at her young age. All she wanted to do was be a teenager and enjoy her youth. That came to a hault when she discovered her powers. Now, during season 2, her powers have started to grow at a rapid pace. But instead of complaining, she started to use her powers in small spurts to get used to them. She even playfully shocked her sister Anissa, something she wouldn’t have done previously. Even though she hated that her parents went behind her back and hired someone to help her, she embraced it. Jennifer even started to benefit from the lessons.

Jennifer and her boyfriend Khalil are currently on the run from Tobias and her parents. This is normal, reckless teenage behavior. But Jennifer has handled the situation better than you’d expect. She has to be the mature one in this situation and keep Khalil from doing foolish things that could get them caught or killed. At one point, she saved his life by getting him the medication and an antidote for a poison that was killing him. With the news that she will become a superhero like her father and sister in the second half of the season, it’ll be great to see what’s in store for Jennifer next.

Tobias is the perfect villain

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Every great hero is defined by their villain, and Black Lightning is no different. Tobias has been everything that Black Lightning is against. He uses people and once they’ve outlived their usefulness, he kills them. In season 1, he was still coming into his own and gaining power in Freeland. He had to kill Lady Eve and deal with the loss of his sister. Season 2 has shown that Tobias isn’t just some random crook and that his rise to power wasn’t a fluke. He’s a major villain and on his way to being one of the greats.

Tobias has been busy this season. He’s kidnapped and blackmailed a councilman, killed everyone who traces his crimes back to him, and is currently trying to sell the remaining Green Light kids in the pods as weapons. He recently started putting the pieces together, and it’s only a matter of time before he figures out that Jefferson is Black Lightning. Once Tobias figures that out, he’ll realize that Black Lightning’s vendetta for him comes from him killing Jefferson’s father.

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Tobias is despicable human being, but he’s the villain needed for Black Lightning to be a success. Tobias was evil in the first half of the season, and fans can expect him to get worse in the second, especially since he’s now hired someone who’s the only person capable of getting a specific job done. What is that job? We’ll have to wait and see.

Black Lighting will return on Monday January 21st at 9pm. New time, but the same awesome show fans have enjoyed. Stay glued to Bam Smack Pow for more Black Lightning reviews and news.