Spider-Man: Far From Home to show the Spidey/Nick Fury relationship

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Ultimate Spider-Man

The relationship between Fury and Spider-Man was completely different in this universe. At first, Nick Fury seemed like he was a jerk (and he was). He would keep tabs on Peter and his family and sometime use them as bait to catch criminals. Obviously, this didn’t sit well with Peter. It came to a head a few times, but none as bad as when Fury ordered his men to kill Peter’s best friend, Harry Osborn.

Harry was out of control and had been transformed into a goblin like his father, Norman. Rather than try to reason with him because Harry was pleading to be killed, they shot him repeatedly. When it was over, Peter punched the eye-patch right off of Fury’s face. Fury told Peter to go home and started planning for Peter to stop being Spider-Man.

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On the flip side, Fury really cared about Peter Parker as a man and admired his resolve. Fury said he wasn’t sure if he was witnessing the growth of the next super villain and said considering everything Peter went through, he wouldn’t be shocked. However, Fury later admitted to him that he was so hard on him because he expected him to be one of the greats, even becoming a member of the Ultimates one day. When Peter died, Fury went to Mary Jane and told her that he blamed himself for Peter’s death. It was the first time I’ve ever seen this hardcore man cry.

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