Spider-Man: Far From Home: Mysterio isn’t what he seems in the trailer


Who is Mysterio and why he isn’t the hero he seems in Spider-Man: Far from home.

The Spider-Man: Far from home trailer shows a good amount of Jake Gyllenhaal as one of Spider-Man’s most annoying villains Mysterio. In the trailer, Mysterio swoops in and save him a few times. He even appears to say to Peter, “You don’t want any part of this.” as it looks like Mysterio blasting one of the villains in a group called The Elementals. While it appears that Mysterio is going to be a hero in this movie, it wouldn’t be smart to place your bet on that thought just yet.

Who is Mysterio?

Quentin Beck (Mysterio) used to be a stunt-man. He switched professions and eventually became one of the best special-effects guys in Hollywood. Beck could have been more but he lacked the patience it takes to succeed in an industry where you can’t rush things. So Beck does what most people in comic books do when they can’t get their way. Makes a terrible decision, create a ridiculous name and costume (complete with idiotic helmet) and decides to become a super-villain. A career that has literally gotten him killed and sent to Hell.

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So why will Mysterio be a villain despite what we’ve seen in the trailers? Mysterio is all about theatrics and those monsters we saw are more than likely his illusions. If not his illusions, they’re going to be something that he put together on a movie set. These previews say this loud in clear. The dramatic entrance and fighting without a helmet only says, “HEY! Pay attention to me and watch how I beat this monster!” Also, it would be foolish to make Mysterio a hero because there’s nothing that can be done to make him anything except annoying and silly. For the love of Uncle Ben, Mysterio fights with a fishbowl on his head. He’s also extremely theatrical for a guy who’s name’s root word is “mystery”.

Will he make a good villain?

Despite that, he’s a great pick for a villain because Beck is smarter than he’s given credit for. When Mysterio uses his illusions it makes Peter really use his Spider-Sense and intelligence to defeat him. This won’t be like the Vulture where he can just punch his way out of the situation. He’s fighting a guy who can make Spider-Man see, hear, and feel anything he wants him to. It would be a waste to have such an interesting villain and use him as a hero the entire film.

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However, it won’t be shocking when he dies saving the day at the end of the movie. We all know MCU villains rarely survive. Who knows, maybe he’ll be part of the Sinister Six.