X-Force film is dead: Three reasons why it’s a good idea

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1. Wolverine and Deadpool are in good hands

The most disappointing news for fans is that X-Force is over. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t happen with Disney. As a matter of fact, Deadpool doesn’t have to go anywhere. Disney has shown the willingness to walk on the dark side with its heroes. Captain America: Winter Soldier was a darker MCU film. While Thor Ragnarok took a mature comedic direction. There’s also the possibility of Black Widow being the first R-rated MCU film.

Then there’s Wolverine who enjoyed an epic send-off in the critically acclaimed, Logan. Ryan Reynolds has unsuccessfully tried to lure Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine out of retirement. However, there’s no doubt we’ll see Wolverine in the MCU, even without Hugh Jackman. After all, the Russo Brothers are intrigued by the possibility of working with the Wolverine character. Still, we don’t expect to see Wolverine solo movies anytime soon, nor should we. X-23 work’s pretty well as the next clawed hero to get a solo movie.

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The death of the X-Force stings a little, however, it doesn’t have to. Disney’s MCU will open up a new chapter for the heroes that Fox couldn’t get right. New Mutants and Dark Phoenix may signal the end of an era or the begging of something new.