Booster Gold could appear in Blue Beetle movie


 A fan favorite character within DC Comics, Booster Gold, may make an appearance in the Blue Beetle movie.

So, it appears that DC’s 25th century superhero, Booster Gold, may bask in the spotlight of a Blue Beetle movie as well as his own standalone film that has been in active development since 2015. Via (GWW) Geeks WorldWide h/t Omega Underground, the report stated that the glory hog time-traveler will have a small role in the Blue Beetle movie.

Currently in the early stages of development, the film will center on the Jaime Reyes iteration of the character as he is mentored by the original Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, ala Ant-Man. Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer has been hired as a screenwriter, while Zev Foreman will produce the project. At present, no director has been announced.

The character that would eventually become Booster Gold, known previously as Michael Jon Carter, was created by Dan Jurgens and first appeared in Booster Gold No.1 in 1986. Carter was a response to commercialism and Olympians signing endorsement deals in that period., Booster was, for all intents and purposes, an individual inspired by other heroes to become a celebrity.

Growing quite poor with his twin sister, Michelle, in 25th century Gotham City, Carter was a gifted athlete and college football player at Gotham University. Carter was faced with a dilemma in which he and his sister had little funds to provide the necessary treatment for their mother, who had been diagnosed with a degenerative illness. With this, Carter resorted to bribery and gambling, but was exposed and arrested, ruining his chances in a sports career and receiving a college degree. Carter was able to secure a job as a security at the Metropolis Space Museum and studied the exploits of superheroes in the 20th century.

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Disowned by his mother, Carter decided to travel back in time, as he felt he had no reason to stay in this time period. He fashioned himself a suit from different components at the museum, including a power suit that granted super-strength, a force field belt, a Legion ring that grants the user flight, a Time Sphere and a robot called Skeets. Carter then traveled back to the past and after saving the President, became Booster Gold. He even founded a holdings company called Goldstar Inc., after building a small fortune.

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Booster is a friend of Ted Kord, and both shared a comic entitled Blue and Gold. Both the Reyes version of Blue Beetle and Booster have received various animated and video game appearances, but their only live-action appearance was on the tenth season of Smallville, during which they were played by Jaren Brandt Bartlett and Eric Martsolf, respectively.