Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser trailer breakdown

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The New Mission

The arrival of Nick Fury definitely brings upon a new mission, and this time, the mission will be done by Spider-Man. Spider-Man will be fighting against The Elementals (as seen in the trailer). But who are these people and why are they attacking Europe? Well, The Elementals are technically not villains of Spider-Man in the comics but of Ms. Marvel (of the ’60s). But Spider-Man does have villains that could arrive in the form of Elementals in this movie.

Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony/Columbia Pictures; from Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

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We have seen three elementals out of four and in Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, there are villains that could match up to The Elementals in this movie. The first one we see in the trailer is Sandman, who could be connected to the element Earth. Another villain we see is Molten Man, who is precisely connected to Fire. The last villain we see in this trailer is Hydro-Man and from the word “Hydro”, it is pretty obvious that he is connected to water.

We also get to see two new Spider-Man suits. The first one is a stealth suit and the second one seems to be a normal Spider-Man suit. But instead of red and blue, it is red and black with a white spider logo at the back as seen in the trailer above. These suits look amazing, as well. We haven’t seen the final villain that is connected to the last element, air, but it’ll be exciting to find out who it is. During Hydro-Man’s entrance, he isn’t the only surprise you get, as there is also a mystery hero. Although, comic fans know him as a villain.