The Punisher: What season 2 needs to be successful

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Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix, The Punisher

How can season 2 of The Punisher be a hit?

The Punisher season 2 is coming up and there’s been a lot of questions about its future. Would it be canceled like Daredevil, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage? Can it survive the sophomore slump that many TV shows have trouble avoiding? These are questions even the creators and actors of the show all question. Having a phenomenal second season and a major turnout could be the thing that keeps The Punisher from being canceled. What’s needed to keep the audience interested? That can be answered by doing these four things.

A good story

Every show has to have a great story to not only be a success. It also has to have memorable moments. One thing we can all be thankful for is not having to sit through uncomfortable moments between Frank and Micro’s wife. While it was weird, it did make for a good story. Watching Micro have to deal with the pain of not seeing his family while asking Frank to check on them was good TV.

The trailer for season 2 shows that Frank will be helping a young girl out of a messed up situation — a classic Frank Castle story. We haven’t figured out exactly what she’s running from, but if she’s warranted Frank’s help, it has to be something deep.

The Punisher season 2 has to have a plot people care about. People are quick to give up watching shows in the beginning if they feel the story isn’t worth their time. There are too many options on Netflix alone to watch something you don’t care about. The trailer seems to show that Punisher season 2 is going in the right direction. Hopefully this remains true.