The Punisher: What season 2 needs to be successful

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Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix from Marvel’s The Punisher

The villain we can’t call Jigsaw

We’ve been lucky to only have a few bad villains in the Netflix series. Season one of The Punisher had Billy Russo and William Rawlins who were easy to hate. This season we’ll have Billy Russo again. While it appeared that he would become the comic book character Jigsaw, he’ll have the scars but the creators decided to not overdo his messed up face.

Russo may not be called Jigsaw, but that doesn’t mean his character will be any less of a terror to Frank Castle and the rest of the city. The trailers showed him getting an army of people at his command. It will be great to see how Jigsaw, or Russo, commands them throughout the season.

Russo will be a great villain regardless of what he’s called. He’s proven to be someone we can put our trust in to be evil in season one. No reason to abandon that trust now. Fans are upset that he doesn’t have the completely disfigured face that we saw in the comics and in The Punisher Warzone movie. One even went as far to show what he could have possibly looked like. It may be too goofy for what they have planned for this season. For Russo to be a memorable villain, he has to be less like what we’ve seen in the comics and continue to be realistic.