The Punisher: What season 2 needs to be successful

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Marvel’s The Punisher Source: Netflix Media Center

Remain violent

The Punisher is known for his violence. He’s a gun-toting, knife-wielding, butt-kicking soldier. He does have his deep moments where he’s vulnerable when dealing with people in need and remembering his family, but Punisher’s bread and butter is his trademark violence. He’s known for his brutality and, more importantly, his creativity when dishing out punishment.

Let’s take his prison fight scene in Daredevil season 2. He was outnumbered and still hurting from the multiple beatings he’d been taken throughout the series. It didn’t matter if they came at him all at once or one at a time. He was smooth, calculated, and used some slick moves snatching weapons from the inmates. Frank even threw in an eye-gouge just for good measure.

Punisher’s brand of violence isn’t for everyone. Watering it down may bring in more viewers, but the product won’t be worth it. Like Deadpool, Punisher is an R-rated character and needs to remain so. The blood and gore is part of who the character is and taking that away from him would be like making Wolverine PG-13 or taking away Deadpool’s mouth.