Do we need a Gotham City Sirens film before a Birds of Prey crossover movie?


With Warner Bros. and DC reportedly showing interest in a Birds of Prey/Gotham City Sirens crossover film, should a Gotham City Sirens film come first?

A rumor now has it that Warner Bros. is exploring a Birds of Prey vs. Gotham City Sirens film. This will round out something of a Harley Quinn trilogy. We must ask – do the Gotham City Sirens need their own film, before they even attempt a versus film?

Gotham City Sirens First

Anyone who’s been after the DCEU knows that at one point David Ayer was planning a Gotham City Sirens film. The film would give us Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy battling Black Mask. Now, Black Mask is in the Birds of Prey film which is shooting now, as Margot Robbie decided on this project. Therefore, Gotham City Sirens is a no-go. Hence, the idea of them having their own film now seems null.

This idea is not far out given we had Batman v. Superman. Plus, DC Comics loves this versus complex they have devised. Check out the DC Animated Movie Universe, where you have Batman vs. RobinTeen Titans vs. Justice League and more to come! Originally, there were some complaints from people that we did not get a solo Batman film in the DCEU before Batman v. Superman. Does Warner Bros. want to face all those complaints again, which did not lead to but certainly helped load some negativity on the film? Poison Ivy and Catwoman need to be developed.

Furthermore, we live in a shared universe multimedia scenario now. Fans want everything built up to. They do not want you dropping a film or other media on them out of nowhere. They want build-up to create this crazy expectations in their head you can almost say. A solo Catwoman movie? It was done before, as much as we want to deny it. Catwoman has had her own comic book series as well since the nineties. Hence, a Catwoman solo film for the DCEU is not crazy. A Poison Ivy one though? It’s less so, especially since villains do not commonly get their own motion picture. Best we do a Gotham City Sirens film first, before we pit them against the Birds of Prey.

Skip The Gotham City Sirens Film

Believe it or not, it may be possible we not even do a film for them first. Instead, just skip to this versus film. Batman v. Superman still made money and has its own dedicated followers. The film is still talked about highly unlike Captain America: Civil War which you could argue is something of a versus film. Keep in mind that Marvel built up to Captain America: Civil War. It made money and received good reviews, sure! Still, it’s not highly talked about and not the number-one favorite among MCU fans.

More from Movies

If we assume that Suicide Squad is the first installment in this proposed Harley Quinn trilogy, then we should skip this one-off film. Remember, this is a trilogy! Did we need to intervene between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi? Did Nolan have to create an one-off origin film for Bane before he shot The Dark Knight Rises? If this is a trilogy, let’s keep it that. Say what you will, but the MCU does not do trilogies with their characters. You need to view Avengers to get any background on Thor: The Dark World, and Iron Man 3 does not really offer any closure for the character given he shows up in stuff constantly afterwards.

If this film does come to fruition, we already know who the Birds of Prey are, and we already know who Harley Quinn is. Therefore, the film can spend time building up just Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Other popular films have done this, like such as Batman Returns . We hardly got a full-blown origin for Ra’s al-Ghul and Scarecrow, but Batman Begins is still a great film. We have to keep in mind, these two characters will probably be… the villains, for lack of a better term.

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Harley Quinn and the Gotham City Sirens

Lastly, we have to keep in mind that this is Harley Quinn’s film. Catwoman and Poison Ivy are supporting characters. I honestly believe, the idea of this trilogy is to bring Harley Quinn to her own woman and own character. We have her in the Suicide Squad and being Joker’s gun-moll. Next, we have her joining the Birds of Prey, street-level heroes. Then Harley Quinn runs into the Gotham City Sirens – villains/anti-heroes. Each one she identifies by her connection or role within the group. It is safe to say that the ending to such a film has Harley Quinn leaving and finding her own way in life. Just a theory, though.