Isola No. 6 review: Supply runs and brand new characters


Isola is back from a break and as stunning as ever.

Unless you’re the type of person who doesn’t like nice things, you’ve seen the gorgeousness that is Isola. Image Comics has already put out five issues and a trade paperback of this jaw-droppingly amazing story, and this latest issue picks right up where we left off last time. People like to mention Miyazaki when discussing how awesome this comic looks, and the comparison is sound. But this author thinks it really downplays the ingenuity of writer Brenden Fletcher and, more specifically, artist Karl Kerschl and colorist Msassyk. The lettering by Aditya Bidikar is pretty fabulous as well; the way animal noises are represented, along with non-verbal communication, is a master-stroke.

Image Comics

The journey to Isola continues to be fraught with troubles

Last issue, Rook had taken the injured Queen Olwyn from the Moro village and sought shelter on a mystical riverside, where Olwyn transformed back into a gnarly black and green tiger. This issue starts out exactly where the last left off, with Olwyn waking up the morning after the escape and heading down to the waterside in the pre-dawn hours, seemingly called by an unseen voice. She has a vision of her mother in the water and appears to transform into a child while her mother pulls her into the river. She resists and “saves” her mother, but Olwyn has been tricked, and weird stuff happens, leaving her sitting on the riverbank, quite sad and alone. It seems it was a particular flashback, perhaps dropping clues to future events. Rook wakes up and joins her queen, glad that Olwyn’s wounds have magically healed. (It IS a magical land, after all.) Rook talks of staying where they are, but knows they must proceed to Isola, land of the dead.

Image Comics

The Queen’s troops, encountered, and new faces in Isola

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Rook notices smoke in the distance, and upon investigating, discovers a whole platoon, or squadron, or whatever, of troops, the Queen’s troops, which is both good and bad. Everyone is looking for the Queen, but the troops mean supplies, which Rook and Olywn desperately need. Rook decides to infiltrate the troops by wearing her armor and visor, and almost makes it to a tent before she is noticed by someone. Thankfully, they only notice that she doesn’t have a cup of “brew”, and accommodate her accordingly. She makes it into the supply tent, and while filling her sacks with food and whatnot, spies some maps. While examining them, she is recognized and named, out loud. It turns out to be a young squire, squire Robird, in fact, who gets sworn to secrecy about Rook and the Queen and the supply run. Rook finished gathering supplies and heads off, and Robird climbs the watch tower and sees Olwyn, as a tiger, as the two travelers head back into the brush, onwards to Isola. There the issue ends.

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Will the fella giving Rook the brew raise the alarm? Will Robird? Does Robird’s unique complexion have something to do with the future storyline? What was the deal with Olwyn’s mother attacking her, but not really attacking her? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.