Avengers: Sebastian Stan talks Bucky Barnes, ‘Endgame,’ Black Panther and more


Sebastian Stan visited AOL’s Build Series and discussed some facets of his Marvel experience, including how it felt to film Civil War, what he knows about Avengers: Endgame, and Bucky Barnes’ life before Infinity War.

At a talk for AOL’s Build Series, Sebastian Stan offered some Marvel tidbits to fans.

Filming Civil War was different than the other Captain America films

When asked about the scariest role he’s ever filmed, Sebastian talked a little bit about the difference in scope between Marvel movies, saying:

"“Civil War was really scary for me. I remember being terrified, because Winter Soldier was a thing, but it was still within a family environment. I knew Chris [Evans] really well, and the Russos. But then Civil War had all these other people I hadn’t acted with and that was scary in its own way, sort of feeling like, I want to come in and do the best I can.”"

Although Infinity War is easily the biggest Marvel undertaking to date, there is a certain intimacy in the turmoil of Civil War, which makes it easy to see how the movie might have been intimidating. With almost as many heroes as the Avengers movies that came before it, Civil War marked a departure from the formula of the other character-driven films, creating a scale that was clearly felt by fans and cast members alike.

He did not see a script for Infinity War

Touching on the experience of filming Infinity War, Stan described that now infamous day on set where he learned of Bucky’s dusty fate.

Stan explained:

"“I never read a script…A lot of us didn’t…I didn’t even know that half or more people were disappearing, I didn’t know that Thanos was doing that, I didn’t know any of those things…In five minutes, they tried to explain this whole thing…I was like, I don’t know what you just said to me.”"

It seems, that for Stan, his own experience filming the ending of Infinity War was as confused as Bucky Barnes’s living it, which perhaps added to the heart-wrenching sincerity of the  performance.

Interestingly, Stan mentioned that the Russos never used the word “dead” when explaining his character’s fate to him, but seemed to caution reading into that, concluding, “They didn’t say that word, but you know what that means.”

Bucky Barnes was an “honored guest” in Wakanda

Stan also shed some light on Bucky’s life in Wakanda following the post-credits scene of Black Panther:

"“I think Bucky was more like an honored guest [in Wakanda], and he was sort of feeling that he maybe needed to win everybody over, but for the first time he probably felt like he had friends.”"

After years of mind-control by Hydra, followed by some time spent on the run, being an honored guest in Wakanda was likely a novel experience for Bucky Barnes. Though the audience only got to see a few moments of his new found happiness in Infinity War, it is nice to know that Bucky achieved a measure of peace.

Sebastian Stan “knows nothing” about Avengers: Endgame

Although Stan did not repeat his favorite refrain (Bucky is dead) in this interview, he didn’t have much light to shed on the next Avengers film:

"“I have no clue what’s happening in that film… I really don’t, other than I’m excited like everyone else to see it come out. Everything I shot was in 2017, that was a long time ago.”"

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Although Stan reminds fans that he hasn’t shot anything since 2017, it is important to remember that Infinity War and Endgame shot back to back, with Avengers 4 filming concluding in 2017. So although 2017 is now “a long time ago,” simply naming the year of filming could be more clever evasion than proof of Bucky Barnes’ ultimate demise.

Fingers crossed.

The full interview with Sebastian Stan can be viewed below.

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Sebastian Stan along with plenty of other Marvel characters will return when Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters on April 26, 2019.