Black Widow: Could red hair hold a clue to mystery role?


Actress Katherine Langford was recently announced as being part of Avengers: Endgame, but could her role actually be a young Black Widow?

When Marvel announced Katherine Langford had joined Avengers: Endgame in an undisclosed role, speculation immediately ran rampant. From Scott Lang’s daughter to an heir apparent for Stark Industries, many possibilities were thrown on the table.

But a recent picture, combined with news that Black Widow will begin filming in February 2019, might tip the scales:

Although red hair does not discount Katherine from, for instance, being cast as Tony and Pepper’s daughter, the actress’s Instagram reveals that her hair has been a much darker, browner, shade for most of the last year few years, with bright red only surfacing recently.

With Black Widow an upcoming focus for Marvel, it might make sense to introduce some of its premise in Endgame, especially given the possibility of time travel and universe leaps in the movie. But likely, if this did happen, it would only be for a quick moment in what is sure to be an incredibly busy movie.

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Taken together, a wig for red hair as young Natasha in a couple of scenes for Endgame is a much more viable option than a complete dye job, and the current dye makes more sense for a more prolonged stint in the Black Widow movie as a younger Natasha.

Of course, having red hair is no guarantee one is in a Marvel movie, and the dye job could be a coincidence or even an old picture, posted to throw everyone off the scent and get fans buzzing. One thing is for sure, if Katherine is in Black Widow, the audience will likely know sooner rather than later, at the very least, less than a 100 days from now when Endgame is released and much speculation is put to rest.

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Another Stark? A young Black Widow? Which role do you think Katherine is playing? Share your thoughts in the comment section!