Shazam will bring enthusiasm from all avenues, starting with Zachary Levi


Shazam will have its own take on a family friendly-esque kind of movie, which ties in youthful enthusiasm from Zachary Levi.

Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame will dominate the spring, and Hellboy will have its own placement in April. However, just four months after the billion-dollar hit, Aquaman, DC and Warner Bros. will unveil another potential blockbuster, Shazam.

Starring Zachary Levi as the titular character, it’s bound to provide a superhero take unlike anything seen in the previously dark DCEU. It might not even compare to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either, due to Shazam director David F. Sandberg’s outlook.

Via Gizmodo’s Germain Lussier, Sandberg compared his film to classic movies of the 1980s in style, including Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. Each had a certain feel to them, but not at the same time:

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"“I like to compare it to ‘80s movies, like Goonies, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future,” said director David F. Sandberg on the film’s Toronto set. “That sort of like, ‘Oh, it’s a family [film]…kind of.’” Basically, it’s trying to be something you wouldn’t expect."

Enthusiastic characters like Marty McFly in Back to the Future, most of The Goonies’ main cast and Ghosbusters’ dominated these films. They all had a positive, upbeat vibe, and that played into Levi as the older Billy Batson, Shazam.

"“Because Billy enjoys being a hero, Levi loved that he could really amp up the enthusiasm. “That I don’t have to restrain myself with the f–king coolness factor is so great,” he said. “I have to act so little. I just get to be me on so many levels.”"

Shazam, from what’s seen in the trailers, even has a Big tone — another film set in the ’80s. The main character supernaturally grows from a child to an adult with child-like enthusiasm and humor. It would be difficult not to expect that from Levi, especially with Sandberg’s comments.

Lussier even added on Levi, “he has this unique, palpable, youthful excitement.”

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Shazam is already on its way to redefining the DCEU, as Aquaman and Wonder Woman already did. It’s an exciting prospect, and the film will hit theaters on Apr. 5.