Daredevil is the only superhero Charlie Cox wants to play


Daredevil star Charlie Cox is not looking to take on any other superhero roles anytime soon.

Many were devastated following the cancellation of Marvel’s Daredevil, none more so than the cast. The show’s star, Charlie Cox, has expressed sadness at the show’s sudden conclusion, and is open to returning to the role. But despite his eagerness to come back to the superhero genre, he’s not planning to accept any new roles.

In a recent interview with CNET, Cox revealed that he’s not planning to play another superhero for the foreseeable future, as he still feels connected to Matt Murdock. Having played the character for the past few years, he’s become attached to the role:

"“I certainly wouldn’t want to play another superhero anytime soon. I still feel part of Matt Murdock. That sounds like a really wacky thing to say, but I’ve been playing him for five years and I haven’t rid myself of that character yet.”"

The actor may be hesitant to take on any new superhero characters at the moment, but he is more than ready to suit back up as the Man Without Fear. Unfortunately, he’s not sure what’s going on at Marvel:

"“I don’t know what the conversations are behind the scenes at Marvel, but in a few years if another opportunity comes up with Marvel or whoever, I’d love to be considered. I live in hope because I loved the character and I loved the job.”"

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Since his first appearance as Matt Murdock back in 2015, Cox’s portrayal has endeared him to fans, similar to the actors of the MCU films like Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans. And although he hasn’t played Daredevil as long as those actors have played their roles, he has still had quite a journey with the character.

With this, it’s completely understandable that Cox wouldn’t want to jump into another role so soon. Plus, there’s also the possibility that he could reprise his role as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen at some point in the near future. Reports did state that Daredevil, along with many of the other Marvel/Netflix heroes will live on in other projects. And while there admittedly doesn’t seem to be much movement on that front, the possibility still exists.

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Cox may eventually change his mind about taking on another superhero role. However, it’s safe to say that no matter what other hero he may become, he’ll likely be known for Daredevil, first.