The Punisher: Grading the characters from season 2

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Credit: Cara Howe/Netflix from Marvel’s The Punisher

How good were the characters from The Punisher season 2?

Netflix’s The Punisher season 2 was much better than season 1. This season fixed the slow progression by adding a story that people cared about and giving depth to Frank Castle. Also, John Pilgrim was a major improvement as a villain. He wasn’t a one-dimensional character that people couldn’t wait to see killed. Dinah Madani also improved as a character. While there were some improvements to the characters, not all of them were stellar. Here are the grades for the main characters in this season of Punisher.

Frank Castle: A+

Frank Castle is one of the best portrayed Marvel Comics characters on Netflix and it shows. He personifies everything that he is in the Punisher comic book series. This season was no different. What we got in this season was a Punisher who had more depth than we’ve seen so far. It wasn’t just a season of him shooting people and out for revenge.

Frank actually cared for Amy and showed a friendlier side while he was with his friend Curtis. This made the season go a lot faster. He even added some comedic moments which was a pleasant surprise. He took a major leap from Daredevil season 2 to this season.

Amy: A+

She may have been the MVP of this season. Amy helped Frank Castle become more than just a grunting killer. In the final season, Frank said that he was willing to die for her. A deep moment that would have been wasted if not for Giorgia Whigham knocking her role out of the park.

She started off as a useless annoying teenager and ended up becoming tougher and smarter. She still had her irrational moments, but that’s to be expected considering her age and what she went through. Even those moments were important to her role. Frank and Amy were easily the best parts of this season.