Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 2 review


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No.2 brings along some new suspense and fun in the story. Here is our review of the story. Beware of the spoilers coming ahead!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man No. 2 returns, continuing the story that ended in a cliffhanger in the last issue, with the two children coming out of the box and asking Spidey where their mom is. Spidey is seen to be kind enough to try to help them out, considering he is a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man after all! It also has a little sad moment for Peter when he is asked of his mother (due to her death while she worked as a SHIELD agent).

The issue involves Spidey taking care of the two children (Tierra and Jasper) and investigating the mystery of who those men where and where they took Leilena. He soon finds out one of those men is still spying on the building for something. We also have a special character, and great friend of Spider-Man, who appears in the story to help Spidey, and that is The Human Torch. The funny thing is that those kids do not know Spider-Man as a superhero, but easily recognize The Human Torch.

When Human Torch arrived, Spidey saw him and webbed up the face of the man who was spying on the building. While Human Torch distracts the two children, Spidey fights with the man who removes his skin along with the web. The interesting thing is that he looks similar to the two children Spidey just met.

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Aside from that, the story has a sense of suspense just like the last issue, which keeps it interesting. Just like last time, this issue is filled with a few surprises. One of them is that Peter’s neighbor, Marnie, is actually a superhero called The Rumor,  who also fought with Spidey against the red guys. Spidey is also shown to be a great superhero, and its benefits are shown when Detective Shari Sebbens helps Spidey find the mysterious red-faced people, after Spider-Man saves her husband.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Issue No. 2 Spidey with Shari (Credits: Marvel Comics)

The issue gives the moral lesson that we should always help people when we can and however we can, because when we help people, others will also help us, as seen with the example of Shari Sebbens and Spidey.

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Though we did not get any news about Aunt May or about her cancer disease, the story still manages to be great. Overall, this story teaches us some lessons and shows Spidey as a friendly neighbor, as well. The story has suspense and is truly well-built up until now. It gives me a reason to wait for the next issue.

Score: 8.1/10